Screening Crisis Event Info & Programme


Featuring John Greyson’s Gazonto (2014) and various works by York Film Graduate Students


486302187_1280x720  iaf_over_gazonto



Pre-screening drinks @7

Screening @8



GAZONTO (John Greyson, 2014, 4.30)

What if the bombing of Gaza were taking place in Toronto. What would be hit? Gazonto reimagines Israel’s massive bombardment of the Israeli-occupied and besieged Gaza Strip as if it were an attack on the filmmaker’s home city Toronto.


OVERPASS (Kami Chisholm, 2014, 5.00)

Beginning with a seeming ordinary afternoon drive down a Los Angeles highway, Overpass weaves together intimate stories of histories of racial and domestic violence against the backdrop of the infamous OJ Simpson car chase in 1994.


MERUS BREACH (Elinor Svoboda, 2013, 10.00)

In a dystopic future, sound technology is used to clean the air and water at the cost of the world’s most gifted artists.

GOLDEN MEAN (Ryan Smith, 2014, 11.00)

A mysterious light arrives between a man and his neighbour’s door, leading to a one-way rivalry which may change the world forever.


NOTES FROM THE ANTHROPOCENE (Terra Jean Long, 2014, 16.00)

A wry, speculative faux-nature film which looks at mythic dinosaurs that resist domestication and seek to transcend fantasies of human dominion.




(for directions and additional info check out the Contact Info & Venue page)


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